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Television \ Video \ Projector Installation:

Does your business need a video face-lift?

Whether its a plasma, LCD, LED, CRT television, projector or video monitor for presentations. We'll put

it where you want it and connect it to your specifications.

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Audio \ Speaker Installation:

Want to give your business the comfort of sound?

We install in-wall, ceiling mounted, distribution systems, multi-zone systems, computerized systems etc.

Tell us what you want, and we'll come up with a solution that fits your business needs.

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Telephone \ Network Installation:


Expanding or need more lines?

It seems like everything we do nowadays requires a phone or data line. Single lines or multiple lines for

apartment buildings and offices, we'll get you up and running at rates well below our competitors.

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Satellite \ Cable Installation:


Are they threatening to charge you an arm and a leg for installation or repair because your a business?

At HasProz we don't work under these price gouging tactics. We offer professional

installations with pricing compatible to our residential services, and well below our competitors.

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Digital Antenna Installation:

Your current service provider cutting into your bottom line with outrageous commercial viewing fees?

Let us know, we'll get you set up with free local channels in over the air HD. We offer solutions for offices,
warehouses, urban and rural areas.

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Structured \ New Construction \ Remodel Pre-wire Installation:


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